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Hanneke Wetzer & Nadiah

Living Alone (Together)

Living Alone (Together)

During the pandemic, Hanneke Wetzer made the special series Living Alone (Together) about everyday scenes at home with a brand new roommate, Hanneke's ‘best friend forever’ (bff).

“There is a lockdown coming and you are single. You don’t have anyone to cuddle with during all those lonely months. What to do? Then you look for a partner in crime so that both can remain mentally healthy. Since flights were already cancelled, I was forced to send my new bff over by mail. Now that Nadiah is here we support each other and we share all the little moments of tedium and happiness.”

Hanneke Wetzer staged all kinds of domestic and intimate situations of herself with Nadiah, where it is not immediately clear that Nadiah was 'born as' a (sex) doll. The series, which continues still on instagram (@me_and_my_dollfriend), shows an intimate lockdown diary of true companionship.

About the artist

Hanneke Wetzer graduated as an illustrative designer at the Art Academy in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and has worked as a multidisciplinary visual artist ever since. Using free imagination and a strong fascination for (gender) identity and human behavior, Wetzer keeps constructing new worlds in which present norms are busted in a casual way.

You can find more of this artist's work through the website ( or Instagram.



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