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Claudia Sneddon & Joe Morris

Olive and Anya in Heteroland

'This film sees our amorphous drag personas in their own queer domestic setting, a crack in the walls of heteroland. We wanted to create an atmosphere that merges camp humour and a surreal, grotesque discomfort with a grim but glam style, exploring the intersection and historical relationship in media between queer identity and horror.'


Soundscape by Saoirse Horne.

Special thanks to Kate Stewart.

About the Artists

Claudia Sneddon & Joe Morris are an interdisciplinary duo based in Aberdeen. Their practice is rooted in an on-going dialogue with each other about their own experiences as queer people, queer semiotics and their desire for art to be an uplifting affair for both themselves and their audience. Campness and whimsy can be regarded as trivial and superficial but Sneddon and Morris fully embrace it, rejecting the heterobanality of the traditional frameworks.

The foundation of their practice is rooted in blurring the lines between work and play, reclaiming time for their own enjoyment within what is also creative productivity. Humour and kitsch style are important to them as they poke fun at themselves when broaching serious topics, to make the work enjoyable and accessible. Utilising a childlike sensibility of mischief, their dynamic is often one of chaos and high energy, which fuels a momentum for impulsive creation running parallel to their exploration of tactile queer platonic intimacy. Challenging the boundaries of their identities, they explore queer comfort zones within the heterosexual matrix through performance, video and language but their DIY attitude leads them to use many other mediums when developing the settings and costumes for their work.



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