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CJ Reay

Cruising zine

Cruising zine

'Cruising, and cruising grounds, and the secret languages and customs that exist around it is so fascinating that a hundred books could be written on it and it still wouldn't cover all the historical, cultural and regional nuances to it. My knowledge and exposure to cruising came first through personal experience as a confused queer kid in rural Cumbria and hearing tales of things going on in particular toilets or laybys, but later has been part of my work as a sexual health outreach worker. In my job I regularly visit cruising grounds in North Yorkshire to chat to the guys there about HIV and PrEP, and to provide them with testing and condoms and lube. Through regularly visiting these spaces I came to appreciate the juxtapositions of them - places that are both beautiful and ugly, scary but liberating. They exist as totally unique spaces, and the feelings and emotions of a cruising ground can be sensed immediately. The zine I created collates some sketches and illustrations I made of these sites I visit regularly, as well as little bit of the history and customs that exist within them.'

About the Artist

Black Lodge Press is a small publishing press based in the North of England. An ongoing project run by CJ Reay, it consists of art, prints, zines and comics. It features much of their work as well as other artists.

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