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Open Calls for 'Queer Heterotopias'

Our upcoming exhibition, 'Queer Heterotopias', looks at Heterotopias which are created / used or misused by LGBT persons and communities. These can be the space of the Pride marches, cruising grounds, sex clubs and saunas, LGBT tourist destinations, and queer bodies.

'Queer Heterotopias' will take place at the new LGBTQ+ The Ledward Centre in Brighton, UK, from mid July to mid September 2021 as well as online and in a format of a zine.

Open Call 1 The First Call is directed at artists and calls for any 2D art medium / films / short texts and poetry on related issues. LGBTQAI+, BIPOC, differently-abled and neurodiverse artists and any other underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to take part.

The selected artists' work will form part of the exhibition online and in The Ledward Centre in Brighton. For more information and to apply to this open call, please visit the open call on Curator Space.

Deadline extended to 11th June:

Deadline: 11th June

Open Call 2

We are inviting LGBTQAI+ people to send us photos from queer heterotopias: love island, holiday homes, pride parade, carnivals, cruises, cruising grounds, queering nature or places in the city, from clubbing and raving, and any space that was outside the normal everyday life.

All works will be shown on the exhibition’s Instagram page. The aim is to collect over 100 photos as a kind of mass archive. Selected works will also be part of the on-site exhibition and will be printed in the exhibition zine. All participants who are included in the exhibition will receive a free zine featuring their contribution.

To submit the photos and short descriptive text, tag @seas_brighton on Instagram and include the hashtag #queerHeterotopias Alternatively, you are welcome to email the image and text to

Deadline: The online exhibition on Instagram and the exhibition big wall at The Ledward Centre will be built gradually from mid-July to the end of September to there is no deadline as such. However, we recommend to send us your works as soon as possible. Thanks


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