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Open call for SEAS Brighton & Vax Equity Project

Why aren't some of us comfortable using NHS services?

Why were some of us hesitant or reluctant to get a Covid19 vaccination?

What would make our communities feel more seen, valued and cared for?

Join us in rethinking these issues, creatively.

SEAS & the Vax Equity Project will be conducting interviews asking members of the LGBTQAI+ communities about their experience of local healthcare and the Covid vaccine programme. It's a chance for you to explicitly ask for what you think is lacking from local health services ahead of next winter when Covid19 vaccinations might be rolled out again, and ahead of anticipated HIV vaccination trials.

The interviews, which will be completely confidential and anonymous, are expected to last between 30min and 1h. They will take place in person at the LGBTQ+ Ledward Centre in Brighton and audio recorded or via zoom. If you’re not comfortable being recorded, we will just take notes OR you can send us your written response to the questions below.

You will always be shown the material used and you have the right to ask for identifying details to be removed.

You will be paid £30 for your contribution and time.

To make sure your input is being heard by the NHS but also by other members of the community, decision-makers and the general public we will use the synthesised anonymous information in a creative project that will be disseminating the information through an exhibition at the Ledward Centre and online. You will be invited to participate if you are interested in this 2nd phase of the project and more details about it will be given to you at the interview.

The interview questions:

  1. Do you have a GP? If not, why not?

  2. On average how often do you see a doctor in Brighton & Hove?

  3. Do you feel nervous or anxious when going to the GP practice and if so why?

  4. Have you ever experienced discrimination, microaggression or being

  5. by healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors or volunteers (eps. In the vaccination centres) ?

  6. What was your best and worst single experience using NHS facilities in Brighton during COVID-19?

  7. How do you feel about stating or answering questions with regards to your gender, sexual and ethnic identity?

  8. If asked in the past, were you provided with an explanation of why this information was needed?

  9. Where do/did you get information regarding Covid vaccines? How and where such information should be delivered if future vaccination programmes might be introduced?

  10. Have you been vaccinated? Why? or Why not?

  11. What would make you more willing/trusting to get vaccinated?

  12. Does the place where the vaccination is administered have / will influence your decision to get vaccinated?

  13. Have you had Covid? Or long covid?

  14. Has anyone around you had a covid / long covid?

  15. When asking about vaccine services, what kind of response do you get when you speak with:

    • healthcare professionals

    • General public

    • LGBTQ community members

    • Trans community members?

15. If in the future the NHS will roll out a new vaccination programme for Covid 19, or HIV or any other disease that might affect you what will be the ideal scenario for you in terms of:

  1. Getting information about them

  2. The place and times which will be offered for vaccination

  3. The knowledge you think NHS staff or volunteers should posses when serving your particular community [be it BPOC/BME, LGBTQ, people with visible or not visible disabilities and neurodiverse persons etc]


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