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Maja Spasova



Migrations is the documentary of the epic performance with the same title- 100 shoes made of white paper make a heroic journey on the Manzanarez River, Spain 2011. They encounter many obstacles on the way, they try to support each other, many of them drown, just a few arrive at a safe haven.

Migrations was a day-long urban performance the documentation of which became an independent short film in 2012, with sound design by the Mexican composer Luis Hilario Arevalo. Originally the paper shoes were created for the installation Migrations, in collaboration with Anna Spasova, which was shown at Palazio Mosquera, Spain in 2010. There the paper shoes were "walking" on shattered glass covering the floor of one of the palace's halls.

Artist Biography

Maja Spasova escaped from communist Bulgaria to Sweden in 1984 and experienced the troubling time of being a refugee. The narrative of the installation, the performance and the following film, Migrations, is a poetic interpretation of this period of her life.

Maja Spasova is a visual artist with a research and activist approach. She locates many of her projects in urban public spaces where the fundamental conditions of life exist, creating relations and processes that connect publics. Sound is essential to this relational praxis, with performance and installation supporting these sonic excursions that are poetic and existential in reach.

You can view more of her work on her website or Facebook. Alternatively, there is an interview with her in Land Escape Art Review.



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