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Jean-Marc Joseph

The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea has become an unmarked grave for thousands of migrants who drowned during their attempt to reach Europe, pushed by war, persecution and poverty.

Open Arms is a Spanish NGO that rescues asylum seekers in distress as they attempt the treacherous boat journey to Europe. Since its foundation in 2015, they have rescued over 60,000 refugees. But nothing prepared it for the events that unfolded on November 11th, 2020.

In November 2020, documentary filmmaker Jean-Marc Joseph joined the Open Arms crew on one of their deadliest missions to date. The result is a 23 min film and photographs depicting the inhuman and hidden reality that occurs every day in the Mediterranean.

Artist Biography

Jean-Marc Joseph is a Belgian visual storyteller passionate about finding magic in the mundane and extraordinary in the ordinary.

He creatively moves stories all the way from early concept to post-production, bringing non-fiction film or photo essays to life in the form of documentary, editorial and branded content. During 3 years he was the in-house director/ producer at Vice Spain. His interest in nature and the human condition led him to shoot in countries as diverse as Lebanon, Uganda, Namibia, Norway and Jamaica.

You can view more of his work on his website, LinkedIn or Instagram.



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