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Eman Khokhar

United By Difference

Artwork has proven itself to transcend class, religion and language; by entering the realm of the human experience. Khokhar hopes that her work will connect with others who have encountered the creation of an inseparable bond, the fragility of matured relationships and the growth of new ones.

Whilst growing up, there were a number of key themes that were central to her human experience, which she believes she has depicted in her work. Comfort vs. discomfort; the freedom found within independence vs. the cost of compliance. The latter, in particular, drives distortions and dysfunctions within herself. Her current work features Urdu calligraphy and vernacular, and is based on relationships, dialogue and cultural identity between a mother and daughter; united by difference.


The veil remains one of the most controversial issues of today’s time. It has taken the stage as confrontation and oppression; however, the veil has also been seen at the forefront of arguments including identity, cultural and political issues. It is seen as a means of expression to women. Seeing the veiled subject, it is understood that it is a controlling mechanism for the woman to extract herself from the field of the gaze, causing less visibility. Regardless of the variety of interpretations of the gaze, one thing is understood: that it contradicts the women’s participation. This veil you see is a second layer. A second skin, from what’s happening underneath.

Artist Biography

Eman Khokhar was born in Pakistan but grew up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates her entire life. Once she completed high school in Dubai, Eman studied in Switzerland and completed her BA in the UK at Oxford Brookes University. She is now in her final year at the Royal College of Art completing her Master’s in Photography. In her final year she took part in Online Galleries, Virtual Exhibitions by The Flux Review and physical exhibitions, her most recent being “A Voyage Of Absurdity”.

You can view more of this artist's work on Instagram.



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