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Dimitris Pagonis & Menelas

Becoming Ithaca (A visual poem)

Warning: nudity.

Becoming Ithaca (A visual poem)

This poem is for you.

You who were found washed ashore on the island I was sworn to protect. You who crossed my border. You who showed me the bittersweet taste of drowning at sea.

I am sinking now, drowning in your eyes, naked, stripped of my identities, my prejudices, my defences.

I am sinking now, drowning in love.

This visual poem is the continuation of a piece performed live at the Civil Disobedience queer festival, 2020, in Athens. The theme of the year was borders, nationalism, identities, tourism and immigration.

The ‘Becoming Ithaca’ performance was comprised of three parts. The islander who dresses up in national costume to attract tourists. The soldier defending his island from immigrants. And finally, the man stripped down to his humanity, who inspired the poem.

Artist Biographies

Dimitris Pagonis is an Athens based performer and director, but he also writes music and dances. He best describes himself not by the ways he expresses himself but more with the themes he works on: our relationship with time, our bodies, our sexuality and our desires.

You can discover more of his work through;

Facebook: Dimitris Pagonis

Instagram: pagonis.d

Vimeo: dimitris pagonis

Menelas is an Athens based pornographer and curator. He likes the simple aesthetics and sensuality of everyday life and dry humour. He has curated the almost annual exhibition ‘Civil Disobedience’ in Athens since 2011 and ‘Satyrs and Maenads: the Athens Porn Film Festival’ since 2020.

You can discover more of his work through;

Facebook: MenelasArt

Instagram: Menelas

Vimeo: Menelas



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