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Ludo Foster

The series of drawing, moving image and audio work 'Swimming' was created during lockdown. As part of his present practice he has started to experiment with video and synthesised sound as well as using a form of musical visualisation when drawing to further develop his interest in the relationship between neuroscience, visual art, sound, repetition and movement.

His work is inspired by encounters within the coastal landscape, as well his experiences as an avid swimmer and memories of children’s sci-fi shows from the 1980’s.

Swimming shows three short animations and a selection of ink illsutrations:

Nonlinear in Nature

1 min 44

Uninterrupted Environment

1 min 59

Constant Motion

2 mins

Observing Human Habitats

3 mins 58 seconds

A selection of ink drawings from the series:

Image credit: Ludo Foster

[ID: An abstract drawing in black ink sprawling across white paper]

More of their work can be found on Instagram: @ludoart5


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