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Luc(e) Raesmith

‘Clouds Bark Rosehips Blur’ features images, snap-captured on a phone camera, in the communal garden presented as a ‘fotomosaic_grid’. The series of photos show where Luc(e) is privileged to potter – in Manor Farm area, ex-agricultural land in east Brighton; as well as some pelargonium cuttings in water, indoors.

"I relish the green fingers I inherited from flowers and vegetable-growing parents and grandparents.

I am ‘neuro-queer’ by and in nature… The challenge of relating to others is easier for me in outdoor spaces.

I let go of any socio-political pressures to be any way trans genderqueer when outdoors ‘in the green’ – including clothes-wise; my Aspie colour-obsessive self still needs to wear super-coordinated clothing – but more in harmony with nature’s hues (no street queer cred…)"

- Luc(e) Raesmith as they speak on the work

Image credit: Clouds Bark Rosehips Blur by Luc(e) Raesmith

ID: a photo collage of 9 images in a square grid. The photos are of clouds in the sky, trees, bushes and flowers. In the middle of the photo there is a text saying “out and about in nature, absorbed with gardening, I escape the socio-political labels. I can be just another person.

In Brighton, multiple organisations offer participation and volunteering on allotments, up on the Downs, in community orchards, by the sea. They choose to tick the LGBQ / TNBI tick boxes on these organisations’ equality & diversity forms, but then let go of that ‘other’ status. Their work is more interested in encapsulating the beauty moments as random (but sometimes repeated), sequential image ‘mosaics’: a journal of just-another-person’s wellbeing.

More of their work can be found on Instagram: @s.walkr.luc & their website


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