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Vurguru - Digital Collage

Artist Statement:

Vurugu is a Swahili word that loosely translates to chaos -- chaos defined by the unprecedented threat humanity faces in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. This unusual period has been marked by a sharp spike in mentions of anxiety all around us. I believe this is a feeling that is shared across the general population right now and one I tried to capture with this piece. Working on this piece offered me a chance to be introspective and question all these fragile systems that society is currently built upon. It gave me yet another chance to acknowledge my privilege and to do better in helping to build a more inclusive society in whatever way.

This particular piece employs both dark and solemn colors as well as shades that contrast this. Over time, I have been able to better understand the role color plays in conveying emotions and in this particular case, color works to bring out the duality of a dark reality and that of a hopeful future, a future borne out of this downtime everyone has been forced into -- a future that prioritizes humanity.This has been a period of self-reflection -- to try and understand what kind of world I'd like to live in, to deeply value and treasure the already beautiful and meaningful connections I have managed to build with people I care for and finally, to always hope.

Amplifier - Digital Collage

Amplifier - This piece was me reacting to all the news and pleas for people to wear masks and it was very very frustrating living and working with people who wouldn't have others' best interests at heart.

Artist Biography

Muisyo is a digital artist who happened to grow up at a time where the prevalence of computers began seeping into the working class homes of many

Africans in the mid ‘00s. Using this as his main context, he seeks to build up on the graphic design experiments observed in many elements he comes across in his day to day life as well as his past such as hand painted signage on strings of shops and astrology posters that are strewn across the city which have now become a visual language of their own."

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