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Artist Statement:

During confinement, I decided to take one picture every day. By choosing to do this with a film camera, it allowed me to really capture a specific moment, which was only going to be revealed to me as a hidden treasure once the lockdown measures were eased and I was able to return to Paris to develop the film.

Because my circle of people was drastically reduced, all my artistic attention went towards my partner Paul, he became my main subject during this particular period.

Artist Biography

Alex Raduan is a photographer currently based in Paris. Born in Transilvania (Romania), he moved to Barcelona (Spain) as a teenager, resulting in a mixed identity and cultural background. After his studies he decided to move to Paris where he perfected his artistic and technical skills in the fashion industry.

The center of his work is the people represented mainly through intimate portraits. Everyday life continues to be a source of inspiration where people are captured in their natural context.

It seems as if all of them are connected in an abstract and healing movement of self acceptance.

His artistic practice has served as a means of catharsis for his frustrations and problems concerning sexuality and inclusion issues in our society. Being part of a minority (nationality/culturally/immigrant/sexual) during different chapters of life allowed him to be on the other side of the mirror.

Being a passionate traveller and observer, Alex loves to photograph plants and trees but from a more abstract and “portrait-ish” point of view. Nature, flower, streets, buildings... everything is a playground for his vulnerable yet strong heroes.

You can see more of Alex's work at and on Instagram @alexraduan.


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