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International Women's Day- Gaslighting Exhibition

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate the day, we are highlighting our exhibition of posters against domestic abuse. Following on from our powerful January exhibition ‘Gaslighting’, we are installing the results of our poster open call in all their physical glory at the BMECP and Jubilee Library. They will be on show from 17th March to 14th April so check them out in town.

The Shadow Pandemic—this is how domestic abuse has been described by the UN in the face of the dramatic rise in domestic violence as a result of the Covid19 crisis and the lockdowns. In the United Kingdom, the UN (12 June 2020) reported that calls, emails, and website visits to Respect, a national domestic violence charity, had increased 97 per cent, 185 per cent and 581 per cent, respectively. As a response to this, the Socially Engaged Art Salon launched 'GASLIGHTING', an exhibition curated by artist and activist Miranda Gavin with work by artists who are survivors of domestic abuse including those who witnessed abuse as children. The exhibition also includes a zine, Tough Cookie, featuring the artists’ works, interviews and poetry.

The exhibition features Daya Bhatti, Federico Gallo, Victoria Forrest, Susan Plover, Suchitra Chatterjee, O. Yemi Tubi, Margaret Fitzgibbon, Dhara Mariani, Ross Clifford, James Shreeve, Mandy Segal and Parumveer Walia alongside the two winning artists; Lidia Lidia and Benji Appleby-Tyler.

For more information, click here.

You can view the January exhibition here.


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