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Myselfisolating (2020)

Artist Statement

‘I went down, down and down during the Lockdown;

surrounded by loneliness, stress, weakness.

From my darkness bottomless,

switched-on survival instinct.

From my vulnerability emerged creativity.

Hope and confidence rose,

I will me again my beloved.

We will be gathered,

We will smile, miles better and over while.’

Myselfisolating uses everyday objects around me : a summer hat, sunglasses and my stressball. As I've been alone in lockdown, everything has a meaning and allows me to explore my emotions: the oven becomes a reflection of the outside environment, the summer hat becomes my friend and someone I say hello to.

Artist Bio

Koffi Nguessan is originally from the Ivory Coast and has been living in the UK since 2015. After working with Accumulate, a UK charity that provides creative workshops to young people affected by homelessness, Koffi’s work was exhibited in the Autograph’s prominent exhibition ‘Accumulate: Youth Culture’ at Autograph, in London, 2019. That year Koffi became one of the recipients of the Accumulate Scholarship Programme and is currently studying a foundation course at Ravensbourne University in order to achieve a degree in photography.

With a background in family farming, Koffi’s work explores nature and wildlife, in line with his passion as a climate activist for a better and breathable world.

“Throughout my courses, artist such Romain Maurer, Mary Sibande have inspired me and furthered my ambition to give a voice to nature, through my art.”

Koffi can be contacted via email at


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