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Gil Mualem-Doron with Lya Abdou Issa (AKA BlkDimondDance)

Interweaving Space immersive room installation by Gil Mualem-Doron

& Dance Performance Code Red! Code Red! by Lya Abdou Issa (AKA BlkDimondDance)

'Interweaving Space' is an immersive room installation that includes a live dance performance, 'Code Red' conflates biodiversity and cultural diversity and the disastrous effects of global warming, climate change, especially in the global south. Initially commissioned by Sussex Wildlife Trust, the work simulates kelp forests, similar to the ones off Sussex shores and in other places around the globe.

In contrast to this magical and tranquil environment, the sound and dance move the viewers from there to the space of the environment protests, the inspirational speech by Barbados prime minister Mia Mottley at COP26 and the ensuing climate catastrophe.

Concept and installation Dr. Gil Mualem-Doron

Dance Lya Abdou Issa (AKA BlkDimondDance)

Music by Liam King [AKA 7kid] & Soma Taylor-Patel (AKA 8SZN)

Lya Abdou Issa is a professional dancer and founder of the movement “ Dance like everyone is watching” in Brighton. Lya ( blkdiamond ) is dancing to challenge all forms of discrimination or anything else that might hold people back from expressing their true selves. Her work aims to make people feel seen and celebrated in public spaces. Whether she is teaching or dancing on her own, her purpose is to spread joy and storytelling through movement. To view more of her work please click here.

Liam King, who goes by artist name "7kid", is a 19 year old creative artist from North-West London. He has amassed over 180,000 streams across a variety of platforms with his own music from years 2019-2020 alone. With no recent music put out, he has teased his new album "Chapter 7" to his followers, assuring there will be a body of work released soon. He also helps with creative direction alongside videographers "Faarino" and "BearVisuals", to ensure he has a major role in directing and editing his own work and others.

With a musical background from a young age, playing piano since he was eight, 7kid is able to understand the music elements that most artists would never consider. This has allowed him to sit alongside producers to develop beats and be involved in a wide range of projects across all genres. Hear some of his work here

Stills from Interweaving Space & Code Red installation and performance

Image Credit: Gil Mualem-Doron

ID: a photo of a nude man crouching underwater with some green fabric, resembling seaweed around him

More of their work can be found on Instagram: @blkdiamondance &


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