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Free photography workshops

Would you like to exhibit your artwork with us? Do you not have the studio space or the material to create it? Would you like to create a personal unique gift for Christmas? Join SEAS’ artists for a series of free creative workshops!

The workshops will take place every Saturday in October and will be led by the lens-based artists from the Queer Photography II: Identity Displaced exhibition at the Ledward Centre. They are all FREE and open to all (this includes everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, and will be suitable for families).

The outcome of the workshops will be part of a new online exhibition and will be featured on SEAS’ website and social media channels. The participants will also be able to download and print their work from SEAS’ website. With Christmas on the horizon, we thought that your work could be an alternative gift which is more personalised than what you may find on the high street!

The workshops will take place every Saturday after 11 am at The Ledward Centre. PLACES ARE VERY LIMITED. Please book your tickets via Eventbrite to reserve your place (in some instances you may be able to bring someone along with you). Please see Eventbrite links below.

*Tickets are limited, so if you're unable to make it, please refund the ticket or contact us at

the alternative archive workshop

On Saturday 8th October 2022, Sofia Yala will be holding an image-making workshop to create images to transport you back to a family memory or alternative reality at The Ledward Centre from 11:00 to 13:00

Sofia Yala is an Angolan/Portuguese photographer. The artist has an academic background in African Studies and Anthropology. Yala’s artwork explores archival material combined with unexpected encounters in life. Their work considers (dis)construction of identity as a diasporic or transatlantic body in this immense and complex world.


In their participatory photoshoot, the alternative archive, will offer a welcoming space where you can bring objects and/or digital/analogue imagery related to your lives and stories. These images will be projected, or the objects will be presented in alternative ways, in which you can play with portraiture and present stories through photography. The series type here to search for a hybrid creation between the analogue and digital realities.

Everyone is welcome to come and be photographed. Yala will be photographing with their 35mm B&W point-and-shoot camera and digital camera.

The outcomes from the workshop will be used for an online exhibition on SEAS website.


Yala is currently exhibiting their project Type here to search at The Ledward Centre for Queer Photography II: Identity Displaced. Type here to search series was motivated by the various questions about the photographs in the family photo album.

Join us as we venture back to the archive to create evoking storytelling imagery from traditional and modern photographic formats!

Mixed Media Photography workshop

On Saturday 15th October 2022, Francesca Alaimo will be holding an image-making workshop to create images using paints, wax and other artistic manipulations at The Ledward Centre from 11:00 to 13:00. Participants are encourage to bring a black and white print of themselves that will be used as the basis for the work. Alternatively, participants will be supplied with an image of the artist.

Francesca Alaimo is a self-taught mixed media artist based in London. Their work explores visibility, vulnerability and courage within the context of gender, sex, sexuality and identity politics. As queer creatives, Alaimo believes that what they express and communicate through art can inspire many other people who are on the same path. The affirmation and celebration of our queerness is vital as it brings hope and a sense of belonging. It gives voice, visibility, power, fear and desire, prejudice and defiance, acceptance and self-love.


In this workshop, you’ll witness Alaimo’s artistic process that challenges the idea of perfection, of the flawless finished work of art. Alaimo uses an original process of transformation through which the artwork becomes the object and the maker of itself.

You will experiment with my unique technique and gain inspiration to create your own artistic expression.

The outcomes from the workshop will be used for an online exhibition on SEAS website.


Alaimo is currently exhibiting at The Ledward Centre for Queer Photography II: Identity Displaced.

Join us for an exciting creative and thought-provoking image-making session!

Queer Imaginaries workshop

On Saturday 22nd October 2022, Farah Way will be holding an image-making workshop to create a collective photomontage of pictures of yourself through a queer imagining at The Ledward Centre from 11:00 to 13:00

Farah Way is a French visual artist based in Brighton. Her artistic practices call upon her education in Photography and Fine Arts and a rich cultural Background. Contextualising her work within the current era of persistent and globally divided computational photography, Way re-frames the role of the digital in photographic methods. Her current practice merges analogue and digital processes in an experimental approach to photography. The artist’s methods include the manipulation of light in its physical form and the composition of montages through digital post-production.


Queer Imaginaries is a workshop for queer, trans and intersex people to explore narratives where they are placed front and centre. Taking reference from pop culture sci-fi or fantasy movies you will be introduced to the foundational understanding of storytelling and world-building.

Workshop participants will take part in a playful activity in which they will be creating a collective photomontage of pictures of themselves holding their phones in front of their faces displaying a picture of their own visions of queer imaginary. The aim of this workshop is to collaboratively explore queer imaginaries and draw trajectories to our plural futures.

The outcomes from the workshop will be used for an online exhibition on SEAS website.


Farah is currently exhibiting its project Edge Of Radiance at The Ledward Centre for Queer Photography II: Identity Displaced. Edge of Radiance depicts the effect of light flaring out of the edges of bodies.

Join us to create queer imaginaries through playful storytelling!

Dream Scapes workshop

On Saturday 19th November 2022, Lynn Weddle will be holding an image-making workshop to create dreamscape scenes from everyday objects through the use of 35mm slide mounts at The Ledward Centre from 11:00 - 13:00


Lynn Weddle is a photographic artist with an MA in photography. Their practice has spanned 17 years of exploring human interaction through moving ‘still images’ and traditional photographic methods, identifying ways of presenting people through portraiture. Weddle's work represents people and their life experiences, captured in a moment in time. Their work has been extensively published through Millennium Images in the Sunday Telegraph and The Guardian and I have exhibited work with Petworth House and Pallant House Gallery. Weddle has been a lead artist on a number of initiatives, including Photoworks as a lead artist and facilitator for various education and learning projects with neuro-diverse adults and LGTBQ young people.


Dream Scapes is a workshop to create a series of dreamscape mini collages using found materials, layering of objects and drawing into the image. We shall then work to install our dream worlds within 35mm slide mounts and use a projector to screen them to complete we shall pose for a series of portraits alongside our dream worlds.

The outcomes from the workshop will be used for an online exhibition on SEAS website.


Join us to create magical and dream-like realities through the use of mixed media projections!

When unicorns flew over Brighton pier…or how to make an image without a camera or a brush!

On Saturday 26th November 2022, Gil Mualem-Doron will be holding an image-making workshop to create utopian worlds and dreams through AI technology at The Ledward Centre from 11:00 to 13:00


Did you ever have a weird dream and simply couldn't describe it in words and didn't have the drawing skills to picture it? Would you like to capture a utopian world but your camera just won't do? In this workshop, using cutting-edge AI technology, photography and photomontage, you will be able to do it. Come and realise your dreams!!

The outcomes from the workshop will be used for an online exhibition on SEAS website.


Mualem-Doron [PhD] is a trans-disciplinary artist and the founder of SEAS, Brighton. At Queering Photography II he is exhibiting images from the series The Calling - an underwater photography project relating to the issues of climate change and De-uniforming a black-and-white dance photography series with Galanakis, a Greek performer resisting being drafted to the national military service.

Join us for this mind-bending photographic technique to create utopian worlds and a chance to win a T-shirt!


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