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Artist of the Month- Sophia Moffa

Sophia Moffa’s practice is focused on the interactions between the self, society and the environment; branching from commenting on contemporary issues relating to women's rights, privilege and inequalities within societies, which are re- evaluated in order to extract more human related questions. Her work is influenced by the belief that we live in an oversaturated environment, which clouds and persistently feeds the mind. Moffa also uses a physical sketch book by performing happenings within the city, using the unexpected audiences as a critical mass.

In 2018 Moffa co-founded an experimental gallery called Tape Modern which focuses on the promotion of upcoming artists and experimental works within occupied properties across the UK. She also often works collaboratively with artist across different countries to build on a more collaborative art world and practice. Her primary collaboration is in the artist dyad, enne&moffa, and with the Dhaka based initiative, Artpro, which is committed to promoting artists and their work through exhibitions, workshops, residencies and collaborative projects within the community.

Moffa has exhibited extensively within in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. Her latest shows include, Power Play, Art’s House, Singapore; Loveye, international Sculpture Exhibition, Qingdao (China; Fringe Arts Bath, London Ultra (UK), Shilpokala, Dhaka National Gallery; Chittagong and Dhaka Art Biennale (BD). Moffa holds a 1st class BA Hons in Sculpture from Carmarthen School of art and a MA in Fine Art from Manchester School of Art.

You can view more of her work via her website, Instagram or Twitter.


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