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Artist of the Month- September- Narmeen Hamadeh

Born of Palestinian parents in Riyadh, Narmeen Hamadeh has taken considered steps in exploring her artistic capacities. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture, she also studied Lighting Design, before cofounding Skamlah, an Interior and Landscaping Design Studio.

As an illustrator, she has established an aesthetic steeped in culture, activism, and the seeking of beauty. Her early work was character based and whimsical, paying homage to Palestinian colloquialisms and third culture kid expression.

During this time of activism in solitude, she has sought out connection through portraiture and patriotism. As a Palestinian woman, she places deep importance in the Arab footprint, emphasizing her heritage in a sometimes ‘hiding in plain sight’ approach. The digitally created prints have evolved into textile design used for masks, Instagram story filters, and a sort of footprint for her recent work.

You can find more of her work on social media, on her website or for sale through her shop here.

If you are interested in applying to be our Artist of the Month in October, you can find more details here. Please apply before the 10th of October.


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