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Anastasia Klymenko

When the war began, I felt terrible. We went to the countryside from Kiev on the 24th of February in the early morning, it was cold and scary. After some time a started making a project I named Stand for Ukraine. It consists of my reflections on what is going on. People being tortured and killed, children left without homes, women refugees and etc. Then Mariupol and the gas attack. At the same time, I wanted hope to be left, so I made collages about motanka, a Ukrainian doll and amulet and the vishivanka, a Ukrainian national blouse with embroidery, where every cross means something. I got inspired by the new war poetry of my friend in Facebook and also created works.

My work for me is a kind of art therapy. In addition, I am pleased that it finds a response in the hearts and souls of people. Because I believe that an artist cannot exist without a spectator. I believe that there is something like a noosphere where all creative ideas live, and we have a special opportunity to connect there. Through psychotherapy, which I have been undergoing for more than 5 years, I am compensated for the trauma. But there are still events that affect me terribly. Because war is a horrible stress, and it is impossible to be fully prepared for it. And art is one of the ways to make people feel more: cry or believe in the future. Sometimes all together...

Artist Bio

Multidisciplinary artist from Kiev, Ukraine. I work as a makeup and body artist mainly. My works are an attempt to express my hidden inner feelings. Love working with people and creating face arts. My creations are always an experiment. Make analog and digital collages. The philosophy of collage is that something new is formed by combining "fragments" of the old and give them a new meaning and a new life


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