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28th & 29th May- drop in- WTF Just Happened- A Social Drawing Art Project

As part of Brighton Fringe and for the May bank holiday weekend, R.M. Sánchez-Camus is running an exciting, free outdoor workshop. WTF Just Happened is a socially distanced one to one social practice project designed to tour the UK in a converted camper van with outdoor art space. Audiences are invited to sit as a distance with a gift of a WTF branded face mask and engage in a conversation with the artist that explores the lived experience during the pandemic of 2020 and its aftermaths into 2021. The work created together will be drawing and storytelling, through a safe yet shared co-production.

The workshop will be available Friday 28th may, 4pm to 7pm and Saturday, Noon to 6pm. It will be held in Jubilee Square on a first come-first-served basis. You can discover more information and book here.

You can view Marcelo's work as part of our exhibition, 'The Face of the Other', here.


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