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Orna Oryan

"Two" is a video artwork featuring a disabled-non-disabled relationship of a transgender couple. through their relationship, the video examines essences and identities that are mainly embodied in the body's territory - issues of strength and weakness, intimacy and distance, control and dedication, dressing and undressing.
the video also tries to examine the qualities of intimacy expressions revealed in their daily mutual help and through them to wonder about issues of consent in an array where one body is subordinated to the other's actions while the other is bound to the first.

Dr. Orna Oryan is an interdisciplinary visual artist who lives in kibbutz Bror- hail in south of Israel. Oryan teaches creative education and contemporary art at the "Seminar Hakibutzim" Academic College. Among her other interests Oryan is a researcher who published a number of books:
"The blood of your body"- Oryan Phd thesis studying women artists that deal with the abject body (Resling, 2013). "Her cup of tea"- Oryan Postdoctoral work studying shamanism in the jungles of Northern Peru (Pardes, 2020). Oryan has also published two children books Tati the Doll (Lavi P. Enterprises,2014) and Ram and the big buffalo( Zameret P. Enterprises, 2020).

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