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Haze is designed from a curated selection of visual and audio data.  The narrative has a single theme viewed through three lenses; systemic racism mirrored in law enforcement, the ensuing protests and finally questions raised relating to histories and commemoration taking place in public spaces.


The broad context of the narrative relates to law enforcement and issues of violence without impunity against the black people everyday life. This, in the form of overt racism manifest by the casual murder of George Floyd 25 05 2020, RIP.


Sitting alongside is footage of protests which took place during the following days in May/June 2020 through the lens of protestors in the USA and the UK.   

This culminates with a more pointed British (and international) question; who gets to be included in the British histories narrative? And by extension, who gets a commemorative statue in public and private spaces in order to shore up that narrative?


The title of the piece haze is take in this context to mean 'to haze over or to see something through a haze' that is, to be prevented from seeing the subject of your intended view, by systemic racism. The sometimes subtle systems in day to day designed to obscure and obfuscate the route to social justice and equality, brought into sharp focus on 25 05 2020. 


To be continued.


Caution: fast moving images at 8:00 into the footage for 1 minute

A moving image piece of a virtual gallery recorded in real-time in a first-person perspective


presented by Judith Ricketts

Duration: 10 minutes l Year: 2020

Instructions for use: watch the screen, take action for positive social change

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