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Why Blame Us

Edafe Okporo

In 2014 the government of Nigerian passed a law that criminalizes same-sex relationship by 14 years imprisonment, this law has led Nigerians to flee to the United States seeking protection. Globally, LGBTQ refugees face rejection from family, authoritarian governments, and laws that criminalize LGBTQ people. In more than 70+ countries, being gay is punishable by law, which further drives LGBTQ people to migrate to safer environments in other countries. The short documentary features Transgender Nigerian Artist Noni Salma, LGBTQ rights activist and LGBTQ people of Nigerian descent Oliver Anene, Uchechukwu Onwa, and Writer Vasilis Chukwunonso Onwuaduegbo.


“Why Blame Us” is the first documentary by producer and writer Edafe Okporo. Edafe says “We should live in love” Noni said “We are not going to be a great country by we all being the same and we should acknowledge the beauty in our diversity” Oliver Anene said “If we are not hungry for justice, it is probably because we are full with privilege. We need to speak up for justice and equality for everyone".


Executive Producer: Edafe Okporo

Consulting Producer: Jacob Fertig


Edafe Okporo has always been a leader in times of difficulties, migrating from Nigeria to the United States as a refugee, overcoming great obstacles and now leading a movement of building a compassionate society.

Edafe Okporo is a luminary and an advocate for the rights of marginalized people. He is passionate about building bridges and extending a hand to communities in need. 

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