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Identity Displaced 

Queer Photography II: Identity Displaced

Photo Fringe exhibition at The Ledward Centre 

Opening Saturday 8th October 15:00 - 18:00


Queer Photography II: Identity Displaced, is a collaborative exhibition of LGBTQIA+ artists for Photo Fringe’s 2022 festival “Real Utopias”. A sequel to SEAS’ 2021 exhibition, Queer Photography: A non-definitive survey, the exhibition explores and deconstructs the many facets of queer identity, highlighting how the ever-evolving, multiplicity of queer identities has the potential to engender a world without prejudice and discrimination – a queer utopia.

Through a multitude of photographic mediums, the participating socially engaged artists, challenge heteronormative ideals, deconstruct the gender binary and critique the Western hegemony of queerness. The selected artwork encompasses a wide array of queer identities, from the depiction of non-binarism in Greek myth to stories of transitioning, to amplifying voices of BPOC queer activists. 


Curated by SEAS, the exhibition delicately narrates ten queer voices, highlighting how individuals from the same marginalised community may be united in spirit but will have vast and different lived experiences, in relation to their queer identity. The curation harmoniously connects these voices whilst spotlighting each artist individually, commenting on the complexity of intersectionality in one’s queer identity.


The exhibited work covers a wide array of photographic mediums from portraiture, underwater photography, digital art, AI imagining, collage and mixed media, studio photography and collaborative socially engaged practices. 


The exhibiting artists are Ben Sharp, Farah Way, Felicity Blades, Francesca Alaimo, Gil Mualem-Doron, Pierre-Yves Monnerville, Reme Campos, Sofia Yala, Willam Allen and the Misfits [One Church LGBTQ youth group]. 


Alongside the core exhibition, the participating artist will deliver free photography and creative workshops every Saturday morning at The Ledward Centre, as well as artists' talks.  The workshop outcomes of the participants will be featured in a series of online exhibitions and SEAS’ social media channels. To register please click here. 

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