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The Activists of Brighton
Luisa De la Concha Montes

‘The Activists of Brighton’ started as a personal attempt to make sense of the summer of 2020 – a historical moment of political turmoil and confusion. A summer that fueled emotions of anger and started conversations about privilege, identity and systemic change. 


In an attempt to translate the social media noise into congruent sounds, Luisa held a series of conversations with seven Brighton-based activists. The aim was to exercise silence as a form of resistance, and about giving space (physical, audio-visual and digital) to those that had something to say. By inviting each activist to talk about the tensions between mental health and political work, the goal was to reject the myth of the invincible activist, and demonstrate that care and vulnerability should be at the heart of political change.


Brighton, a politically charged city, became the heart of the project. Each activist chose the location where they wanted to be portrayed, creating a symbolic link between their political journey and the city where they reside.


‘The Activists of Brighton’ is about hope, it is about believing in the need to build alternative futures. It is a collaborative project dedicated to those who make the conscious choice to fight for collective change. 


Artist Biography


Luisa De la Concha Montes is a visual artist, photographer and writer born and raised in Mexico City. She moved to the United Kingdom in 2017 and now resides in London. She holds an MA from the University of Sussex in Photography. 


Her work attempts to bring shapeless states, such as grief, diaspora, identity and memory into a physical form through documentary photography, digital explorations and visual poetry. 






Activists Portrayed

AFLO. the poet - @aflo.thepoet

Jessica Leigh (Our Streets Now) - @jesssjleigh

Kaia Allen-Bevan (TEDX 2022 speaker) - @kaia.ab

Maddie Ross (Girl Code Theatre)

Nissren Fox (UCU) 

Priss Nash - @prissnashpoetry 

Sara Alsherif 

Photo on the left:  A take on @We Can Do It!@  WWII Poster  by J. Howard Miller.  feturing Angela Davis by Aldo Scaletta  

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