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Introduction by Toufik Algerianism

Short film programme from the Arab world, curated by Toufik Algerianism

The films will be available for viewing on the weekend from August 9th for a week.  To view please click the links and use the password. 



Nsibi (brother-in-law):

To view go to:

password: Nsibi2020

In Setif province - eastern Algeria, Ali is a young man from the lower class who lives a dull, narrow and isolated life. One evening, he is compelled to give his in-law a ride home. The journey leads to confront his own values.

Directed by Hassene BELAÏD (Algeria, 2017, 22 min)

Hassene Belaïd was born in Marseille to an Algerian father and a French-Italian mother.

Since 1997 he has directed worked as a cameraman in TV productions, and as an assistant in casting on several feature films. Through working with other directors from Maghrebi origins, he became interested to transcend stories on dual identity and culture issues in film. N'sibi (the brother-in-law) is his third fictional short feature.

Half a life:

To view go to: 

password: Halfalife2020

The 12min. animation (2017, English/Arabic) "HALF A LIFE" is a timely story of activism and hope, set in the increasingly dangerous, oppressive, and unstable social climate of Egypt today.

Directed by Tamara Shogaolu

Tamara Shogaolu grew up living in Panama, the U.S., and the Middle East.

Her work as a director and video artist has been featured at film festivals, galleries, and museums internationally, such as the National Gallery of Indonesia and the MoMA in New York. Tamara is currently based in Amsterdam, where she is Creative Director of Ado Ato Pictures and a member of the XRBASE.

Diaspora/Situations by Tarek Lakhrissi (Morocco-France):

To view go to: 

password: Diasporas2020

Shot between Montreal, Paris, Brussels and London, Diaspora/situations depict queer diasporic life, based on interviews with artists and activists as they reflect on their relationships to their effects and bodies. This episode is with Mette Loulou Von Kohl, a queer femme, of Lebanese/Palestinian and Danish ancestry.

Tarek Lakhrissi is a visual artist, performer and poet based in Paris.

Graduate in MA from Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, alongside an international exchange at University of Montreal, and completed a Master’s degree in Art History/Theatre Studies. He writes poetry and develops visual content aiming to challenge language and reflect upon identity. His works have been shown internationally, including the Hayward Gallery in London.

Toufik Algerianism is an independent curator and event director. His multidisciplinary practice focuses on the question of Algerian identities through the lens of its eclectic contemporary art scene.

Toufik curated his first exhibition ‘Algerianism’ in 2015 (he since uses the name-title @Algerianism as a Social Media platform to showcase artists and creative initiatives). Other ventures and collaborations include {Un}told Stories - series of short movie screenings on present-day Arab region issues, the photo-video exhibition ‘Belonging, Sideways’ part of, Shubbak, the UK’s largest festival dedicated to MENA culture, and the acclaimed group show ‘Pop Art from North Africa’, which has been presented in London (2017) and Spain (2019-2020).
Currently, Toufik is the artistic coordinating to two research projects: “Generation Independence” and DIGI-MENA online digital platform.

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