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Najma Yusufi



As a “pure” concept, Britishness has been challenged by the demise of the Empire. In today’s world Britishness is a highly contested concept with Brexit raising further questions about the sense of belonging.

Boxed is a short film that explores the complexities of Hybridity. Hybridity involves multiple elements that have been theorised by scholars that come in different forms and exit on multiple levels of both communal and individual consciousness. In Boxed we see a compelling glimpse of the many layers of Hybridity in today’s world.

A film by Najma Yusufi supported by The David Arnold Fund.

Artist Biography

Currently, a second year PhD student at the University of Brighton, Najma's work surrounds the topic of hybridity. She is a published author of Brgums of Peshwar (2018, Hachette) and has produced short documentaries on a number of humanitarian issues (Lucknow LAW) (Pakistan's third gender).

You can view more of this artist's work at and via her Facebook.



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