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Maria Amidu



‘somewhere’ is the result of an altered commission from “A seat at the table” . This was originally planned as an exhibition during Brighton Festival 2020, incorporating the texts as an artist’s book and a new installation work by Gil Mualem Doron, artist and SEAS’s Director. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, and after some creative brainstorming, the exhibition became digital.

‘somewhere’ is a series of one-minute, experimental films Amidu created using a mobile phone, and then overlaid with recitals by the artists invited to “A seat at the table”. The original texts, written by Maria, are also featured below. For more information on the artists, you can visit the exhibition.

‘somewhere’ is a testament to the stories told during “A seat at the table”, by artists with migrant and refugee background and speaks to the troublesome, contingent and precarious nature of being from elsewhere.

Contributing artists included: Ainoa Burgos Gonzalez /Gil Mualem Doron / Edi Jay Mandala / Estabrak / Hong Dam / Maria Amidu / Tugba Tirpan

Artist Biography

Maria Amidu is a UK-based visual artist and writer, developing national and international site-specific and public realm projects. Her artistic concerns are influenced by the scope and significance of common experiences. She is interested in the relationships between people and place and what is hidden, obscured or unspoken in various social situations, using these elements as a means to try and substantiate myriad lived experiences.

Recent projects: Watermarks (2021), Estuary 2021; “Where are we?” (2020), FrancisKnight; somewhere (2020), SEAS/Brighton Festival; edge/threshold/brink (2018) Nuit Blanche Toronto. Maria is currently a PhD Candidate at the Royal College of Art, London.

Water/ Identity

Urge/ Art


Booklet/ Displacement

Drops/ Culture

Craving/ Recipes

To view more of her work, visit her website, Instagram or listen to her podcast.



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