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Richard Lees

Artist Statement

"I’m a printmaker and political activist from Hull, England. I began producing gig posters for Rock Against Racism in 1979, drawing on the revolutionary imagery of Soviet Constructivists , German Expressionists and Atelier Populaire for my designs; flyposted all over Hull, the screen-prints provided a sustained street art presence in the city for over three years. Returning to printmaking in 2015, exhibitions of my work have toured the UK to galleries in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Yorkshire. A retrospective of my political posters for Rock Against Racism was held last year at Warner Brothers Music in Kensington, London, supporting Love Music Hate Racism’s Campaign, The Beautiful Resistance, and marking the 40th anniversary of my first Agit-Prop design."

Artist Biography

Richard Lees is currently exhibiting prints inspired by and in solidarity with BLM and The Campaign For Justice For Christopher Alder at the Creative and Cultural Gallery/Shop in Hull. All proceeds from the sale of his work are donated to Justice Campaigns. Lees is the Chair of The Hull Print Collective, of The Creative and Cultural Organisation (a not-for-profit community arts group) and of Hull and East Yorkshire Stand Up To Racism.


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