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Behind Closed Doors

Marcelo Toledo

Image pulled from BBC article listed below

“Every day, I wake up with the faces of these women in my mind,” Marcelo, 43, tells BBC Three. “My mission as an artist is to channel their suffering into art.”

Argentine sculptor Marcelo Toledo transforms the scars of domestic violence survivors into art. Detrás de las Paredes, (Behind Closed Doors), is a collection of 14 sculptures, using brass and copper, designed to recreate the texture and appearance of survivors’ scars to represent the physical and mental traumas endured by victims of gender-based violence. Working with different photographers, Toledo based some of his pieces on existing photos and collaborated with others to produce new images of survivors and their scars. To make the sculptures, Toledo would first sketch a copy of each scar on paper. Then a metal was chosen that would recreate the texture and appearance of the marks left on that survivor’s skin.


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