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Francesca Alaimo

Artist statement

Mostly autobiographical, my work explores visibility, vulnerability and courage within the context of gender, sex, sexuality and identity politics. It revolves around the idea that the body is a situation, and not something that we are assigned to at birth. It challenges others to see beyond what appears to be. It depicts the irreversible point when we take the world on and reveal our truth unapologetically.

These pieces are the self-portraits I chose to turn into interventions. They explore the struggle to be seen for who we are when we challenge societal expectations and the strength, pain and determination we invest in that struggle. They also explore fragility and the burden of confinement; we build armour to survive the fear and shame of not fitting in, until we accept that we are meant to stand out. It takes endless acts of courage and vulnerability to disclose our hidden self to the world, being open about how we want to be seen. It is, however, necessary if we want to start a dialogue towards (self)acceptance, visibility and self-affirmation.

Artist Biography

Francesca Alaimo is an Italian, self-taught interdisciplinary artist based in London. She creates interventions on prints using oils, acrylics and wax, before undoing what she has painted, to mirror the act of deconstructing humanity’s certainties and exposing our inconsistencies.

To view more of Francesca Alaimo's work, please visit the links below.

Socials: Instagram: @francescaalaimoartist


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