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Carl Collison

In My Own Voice

Artist Statement

In My Own Voice is a series of five short films looking into the varied experiences of queer people across Africa. The films include stories of a queer muslim woman in Accra as well as a gay traditional leader in Ghana's Cape Coast; a young man arrested for being gay in Tunisia; a transgender Ugandan refugee's search for home; and the brutal murder of a fearless young trans rights activist in rural South Africa.

Artist Biography

Collison is a freelance journalist based in South Africa, who focuses specifically on LGBTI issues across Africa. He was shortlisted for the 2018 Gerald Kraak Award and Anthology, which celebrates excellence in queer writing and photography from across Africa. He has also been included in the inaugural #Awesome50 list, which recognises the work done by people across Africa to better the lives of the continent’s LGBTIQ people. Short stories he has written are included in the collection of essays on the experiences of queer POC, They Called Me Queer. He has recently branched out into trying his hand at filmmaking.

You can find more of his work via Twitter.

You can also see his work in SEAS' August 2020 exhibition, 'Intersections'.


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