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Layla Madanat and Eleanor Nawal



South-West Asia and North Africa (SWANA) has birthed a generation of young people that now live across the globe. Whatever the term, and wherever we are, we find ourselves questioning our identities as SWANA+ descendants.

mosaic gives young people in the SWANA+ diaspora the power to shape their narrative. We cut out the middle man. We got bored of consuming art about us made by intermediaries hellbent on flattening out nuance and sanitising away the unpalatable sides of our existence.

In mosaic, verbatim interviews are complemented by footage crowdsourced from interviewees, contrasted with reclaimed archival footage and accompanied by original music. This latest collaboration from artists Layla Madanat and Eleanor Nawal sees them join with Sofie K (sound) and Jeremy Rieder (visuals), bringing together fragments of lives to tell a new story.

mosaic is subtitled in both English and Arabic.

Artist Biographies

Layla Madanat is an interdisciplinary artist and social justice activist from London. Her work asks radical questions, often combining artforms to shift cultures of storytelling. She is part of Shubbak’s Young Associates, and was recently shortlisted for the Evening Standard and TikTok “Future Theatre Fund”.

You can find Madanat on Twitter.

Eleanor Nawal is a British-Egyptian actor and writer from London. Her work explores questions of identity and belonging as sources of trauma and humour. She is excited about the possibilities and power of using film to explore further the idiosyncrasies and subtleties of the SWANA+ diaspora.

You can find Nawal on Instagram.

You can find out more about their work on the website.



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