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Ways to Embrace

Artist statement:

‘A thousand ways to embrace yourself’ is a series of one minute sculptures made during the worldwide lockdown for the COVID-19 virus. Millions of people are experiencing isolation and physical restrictions at the same time.

I am interested by the memory of objects. They tell something about tradition and mental structures. They morph, shift and move. Existing objects can construct and translate memories trough time and experience. There is always a story behind it. It influences an identity. I search for the aesthetics by constructing a story behind the object.

Ways to Embrace 2 - 6


Jessie Georges was born in Ghent, Belgium in 1979. As a young child she learned how to draw and paint by her grandmother. As a teenager, she picked up photography and other artforms. In her later studies the medium is chosen according to the concept of her work: the search for a memory behind an object.

She holds a master degree in fine arts and is currently working as an artist and an art teacher in Belgium.

You can Follow more of Jessie's work on Instagram @jessiegeorgesart and via his Facebook.


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