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Japo Okworobu

Artist Statement


This artwork reflects the current times that we are all experiencing. ‘Forced happiness’ is one of the explored emotions that the artists feels that others can relate to whether directly or indirectly. With the painted gesture, 'Forced happiness' shows that as a collective irrespective of gender, race, age or religious beliefs- society pushes us to present a positive face. The artwork is a visual representation of ‘saving face’. We have all been in situations in which we have to present accordingly in fear of being judged. This artwork encompasses all of those emotions. The end goal was to create a piece that could speak to the artist and the viewer afterwards. Therefore after it was created, there was a sigh of relief and weight lifted off her shoulders.

Artist Biography

Japo Okworobu, who paints thought-provoking portraits explores the discovery and realisation of different moments, situations and times. She wants to communicate those positive and even negative human emotions through her artwork. She is a conceptual thinker. The most important characteristics of her artwork are implied realism, contrast and evoking pride. Each piece is very personal to the artist, as she paints with her whole heart – emotionally connected to each and every piece. Each piece is a reflection of the artist or a created reality. Every piece ignites the thought of the end goal- ‘What can we also reflect upon?’ -

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