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The Protester - A selection of images from the BLM Protest in Brighton, England on 13 June 2020

Artist Statement

As a press photographer I was trained to cover an event and produce a set of images that told a story. The issue was often who was telling the story?

After the death of George Floyd by the police in Minnesota, USA on 25 May 2020, there were protests around the world including the UK. I was conscious of how they were being reported and photographed in the UK and felt the emphasis was veering towards civil unrest and division and less on the deep-rooted reasons why many people took to the streets. Away from the headlines the majority of protests worldwide were peaceful and empowering. They attracted a cross section of the community campaigning for justice for Mr. Floyd and his family, and equality for black lives in their respected countries.

The inverted image is sometimes used in surveillance footage which helps those watching highlight the basic characteristics of those being watched. Imitating this style helped me bring attention to the way the protesters chose to present themselves and some of their messages.

Artist Bio

Diensen Pamben began his career in broadcast television in 1998 developing through various roles on factual programmes for ITV, C4, Sky and the BBC. With a strong interest in creating images he became a cameraman filming factual TV and travel.

In 2009 he trained to become a press photographer and worked for a press agency in the West Midlands photographing assignments for the national newspapers covering breaking news stories, sports and features which included the riots of 2011.

Today he is a freelance photographer exploring themes of race, culture and mental health.

You can view more of Diensen's work on his Instagram @photo_diensen and contact him via email at


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