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Homelessness – Artists’ Talk

Homelessness – artists and artivists talk about issues of home, homelessness and socially engaged practices SEAS Sat. 28th October 17:00 Part of Lates 2017 @MuseumsAtNight 2 Steine Gardens, Brighton

The event is free but the space is limited so registration on Eventbrite is highly recommended.

SEAS is hosting an artists’ talk by artists who usually work outside the studio setting through on-site research and action, in the streets, in jail and homeless shelters and with people. The works presented through photography, installations and street interventions tackles issues of lost, refugees and homelessness.

Participating artists:

Sarah Bennett: Sarah is an emerging artist and experienced facilitator who recently completed an MA at University of Brighton in Inclusive Arts Practice, a dynamic, radical and socially engaged practice that facilitates arts-based dialogue and collaboration between artists and marginalised groups. Sarah is a member of Justlife Artists Collective. Sarah’s community based practice is focused on creating temporary spaces for meaningful encounters through artist led workshops & creative interventions. Instagram @otuarts

Bethany Hobbs: A graduate from Fine Art Photography at Brighton University, Bethany work centres on the fragility of life, with particular reference to traumatic events and theories such as post memory.

She will present her project 03.XII.1924 von Dienen Eltern – an uncompromising excavation of her family’s history and their struggle and relationship with the Holocaust and a journey to her family’s lost home in Vienna. Instatgram: @bhobbs_photo

Joanne Matthews: Joanne has project managed the launch of the Justlife Artist Collective, funded by Justlife, who have a shared studio space and work together to develop and enrich their artistic practices. Joanne also works as a creative producer and is a practicing artist. Justlife works with adults in emergency and temporary accommodation to make their experience of housing vulnerability as short, safe and healthy as possible.

Gil Mualem-Doron (UK/Israel): Mualem-Doron is a socially engaged artist who works on issues of social exclusion, identity, social justice and the urban space. He is completing a Ph.D. in Architecture at Delft University. Recently he exhibited his work at the Tate Modern, People’s History Museum Manchester, Liverpool Museum and at Tel-Aviv Museum of Art Square. He works in various media from photography, collage to street interventions and large-scale installations. He will present the photography series No Man’s Land, and his most controversial project, yet, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Stephen Mundy: Stephen got involved in art accidentally. Four years ago after having a mental health breakdown Stephen found himself in an institution. Whilst there, he started to study art, completing over twenty City & Guilds qualifications. He is now studying for a BA Painting at University of Brighton.

Stephen has an eclectic practice incorporating different influences using paintings and sculptures simultaneously. His practice is constantly developing, experimenting in a range of media. Stephen is also a member of Justlife Artists Collective and currently has an exhibition at Mange tout Cafe, Trafalgar St.


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