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Amber Akaunu and ElJosef

The FIVE Elements is a collaboration by filmmakers Amber Akaunu and ElJosef. The short film explores a pre-colonial time, when our ancestors lived in harmony with the elements.

The 8 minute film reflects and explores the connection that descendants of Africa will always have to Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Energetically, this translates to action, emotionality, grounding and intuitiveness. The film is is narrated by El’s words and was filmed by Akaunu in various locations across North West England and Wales in August 2020.

The artists describe the film as “reflecting and exploring the connection that our ancestors will always have to Fire, Water, Earth and Air. It’s also a call to those who are spiritually searching within the materialistic led society we’ve been conditioned within for centuries.”

Screen shots from the film 5 Elements.

[ID: Photograph of a brown person with flowers in their hair standing with closed eyes in a forest. The person has a tattoo on their chest saying “refuse to love refuse to be defeated” ]

[ID: Photograph of a brown person dressed like an angel with white cloth and white wings blowing feathers from their mouth]

More of their work can be found on Instagram: @amberakaunu & Instagram:@astralellis or on their websites &


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