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The Queer Beach

LGBTQ communities & the seaside 

Exhibition & events at the Jubilee Library, Brighton

28/01 - 11/02 

The Queer Beach project explores the strong connection between queer people and culture and the seaside – between a fringe, sometimes marginal community, and this frontier space. 

It cruises to nearby places such as Brighton’s Naturist Beach and sails to faraway places such as Abric’o Naturist Beach near Rio de Janeiro. It looks at the realities of queer bodies and spaces and their imagined potentialities. The exhibition includes an array of media and art including photography, paintings, collages and installations by thirty artists from Brighton and further afield who were invited or answered SEAS’s open call.


For the exhibition, SEAS commissioned the historian Alf Le Flohic to write a short piece about the history of Brighton’s queer beach, a fictional text exploring an ideal Lesbian beach by the author Helen Trevorrow, and an illustration from Rowan Frewin of a non-binary merperson that can be seen above.


The exhibition also includes a photography project about the visitors to the naturist beach by Antony Edwards and a participatory project by the exhibition’s curator Gil Mualem-Doron that took place at Worthing Museum. The Brighton-based artist and all-year-around sea swimmer Ludo Foster will present his experiences of swimming as a trans and POC person and Francesca Alamio will exhibit two postcards from queer Paradise addressed to her late parents. Amitrano Maria Belen and David G Taylor present their non-conforming queer bodies in their full glory. And these are just the tip of the ice [cream].


One of the exhibition’s highlights is the interactive installation “California Dreaming”.

If you cannot afford a winter holiday on a sunny beach, or won’t do it for environmental reasons, you are invited to take a selfie on an imaginary one: use the tropical beach shower curtain background and some of the props for it. The brave ones are welcome to do it in their swimming wear. If you post it on Instagram and tag @SEAS_Brighton we will print it for you on A4 quality paper and let you know when you can collect it from the library.


As part of the exhibition, on Saturday, February 3rd from 11:30 to 13:00 SEAS will hold a social gathering where three celebrated authors: Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Andrew Kay, and Helen will read from books featuring the seaside. In the Q&A after the reading, they will discuss their ideal queer beach. The event is free and open to all.

An hour before and after the event on February 3rd a professional photographer will offer a free photoshoot at the installation where participants will receive their photos on the spot.


The exhibition is curated by Dr Gil Mualem-Doron and the participants are: Alex Billingham, Amitrano Maria Belen, Antony Edwards, Maja Bialas, Clare Plumley, Claudi Piripippi, Danny Frede, David G Taylor, Dave Pop!, Elias Avramidis, Ellen Harrold, Francesca Alaimo, Hannah Meyer, Izzy Malanczuk, Jack Jameson, Joanna Byrne, Joanne Newman, Josef Cabey,  Luc Raesmith, Ludo Foster, Mario Lautier-Vella, Norman Miller, Patrick Will Baker, Roberto Funai, Robert Inestroza, Rowan Frewin, Sarah Connell, Sebastian Rowlands, Thomas Griffiths, Tony Mentel.

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